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Goomwave official code release and documentation

Download the update #12-31 here

All Goomwave customers who have received a controller/boards from us since 1-1-2022 have had the update #12-31 preprogrammed

Refer to the Update Google Document for updated documentation and information on the Goomwave

See the input sheet below for quick reference on the button combinations for changing settings

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Controller Guides

SmashScope Guide

SmashScope Guide + Download

Download Here

Watch our video for an explanation of how everything works

SmashScope is a modding tool developed by @KingKirb64 and @goomysmash for the purposes of objectively testing controllers for Melee.


You’ll need a homebrewed Wii, an SD card, and a controller

Note: The oscilloscope does not work as well on Dolphin due to not being able to poll fast enough. This is highly recommended for Wiis only

  1. Extract the downloaded file
  2. Copy and paste the extracted SmashScope file to your apps folder on your SD card
  3. Insert your SD card into your Wii
  4. Run “SmashScope”

Main Menu

  • Use Dpad up or down or the main joystick to go between Controller test, Notch visualizer and Oscilloscope
  • Press A to enter that mode
  • Press and hold B to go back

Controller Test

  • Move your analog sticks, triggers and press buttons to test controller presses
  • Pressing the Z button activates rumble
  • The top right corner indicates whether a controller is connected or not

Notch Visualizer

  • Firefox notches are highlighted in grey and shield drop notches are highlighted in green
  • The display at the top shows the raw values as well as the Melee values for calculating notches
  • The dot changes colors when the stick is within the acceptable notch value range. The dot gets closer to red as the stick gets closer to the maximum or minimum notch value
  • The dot changes to red when you are at a perfect .675 for shield drop notches


  • Press Dpad Right and Dpad left to scroll between modes
  • Press Z to change between main stick and C stick
  • Press X to toggle the X axis display
  • Press Y to toggle the Y axis display
  • Press A to lock the current frame
  • Press C stick up or down to zoom while locked in the current frame
  • Press C stick side to scroll through the current frame

Snapback Viewer

  • Flick your stick either in the horizontal or vertical direction
  • If flicking horizontally to the left, look at max X
  • If flicking horizontally to the right, look at min X
  • If flicking vertically up, look at min Y
  • If flicking vertically down, look at max Y
  • If the value is greater than 23, the capacitance should be increased
  • If your potentiometer does not oscillate at all, your potentiometer may have PODE

Dashback Viewer

  • Flick the stick from neutral to the side
  • Read DBX if you’re flicking horizontally and DBY if flicking vertically
  • Typical controllers have 50-70% dashback. Controllers with 80-100% dashback have PODE

Pivots Viewer

  • Hold your stick all the way to the right then flick all the way left or vice versa, or the equivalent vertically
  • The text will be green if you were too fast on the pivot input and red if too slow
  • Pivot percent shows the percent chance of a successful pivot given your input
  • You want to get as close to 100% as possible
  • If your controller always displays “too long” no matter the input, your controller may have PODE

Ledgedash Viewer

  • Flick the stick diagonally down and to the right or down and to the left
  • If x<->y is red, you have bad ledgedashes. The higher the number the worse the ledgedashes
  • If x<->y is green, you may have good ledgedashes. The higher the number the better the ledgedashes.
  • Generally anything greater than 16ms will result in a successful ledgedash if x<->y is green

Manual Viewer

  • Manual viewer continuously shows your inputs
  • Press A to lock the frame after doing an input
  • Use C stick to scroll and zoom to view the input
Controller Guides

Goomwave 3.0 Guide

Goomwave 3.0 Guide

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